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The Clean Pet Food Revolution

How Better Pet Food Will Change the World

Ernie Ward , Alice Oven and Ryan Bethencourt

Did you know that a quarter of all the meat consumed in the United States is eaten by our pets? That’s the equivalent to the amount devoured by 26 million Americans, and it makes U.S. cats and dogs equal to the fifth largest country in terms of animal protein consumption. Yet the impact pet food has on the environment and climate change, how healthy or necessary it is for our animal companions, or how it impacts the welfare of the farmed animals who become that food are barely known or ignored—even by animal lovers!

The Clean Pet Food Revolution lifts the lid on the current pet food industry; its claims of what constitutes a “natural” diet for pets, its shocking record on animal welfare, and its devastating effect on the environment and climate change. The book explodes myths about “grain-free” diets, protein intake, and what our pets “want.” Finally, it details the many exciting scientific developments in alternative proteins—whether from plants, fungi, insects, or cell-based meat products—that promise not only to completely change what we feed our cats and dogs but to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, end farmed-animal slaughter, and make our pets healthier.

Written by specialists in veterinary science, biotech, and animal welfare, The Clean Pet Food Revolution is a thoroughly researched and compellingly written excoriation of an unsustainable present and a fascinating glimpse of future possibilities.

The Clean Pet Food Revolution is a revelation. It’s the best source for the incredible science of pet food, its unknown and troubling impact on our world, and what we can do to make this sector the flagship for sustainability. Really a must-read for anyone who loves animals.”—Steven Kotler, New York Times–bestselling author, The Rise of Superman, Stealing Fire, Abundance, and Bold, and Executive Director, the Flow Research Collective

The Clean Pet Food Revolution is a readable and comprehensive overview of an industry that’s on the cusp of experiencing the generational transformation occurring right now with plant-based and cultivated meat for humans. As the authors make vividly clear, the same environmental, animal welfare, and health issues apply to what we feed our companion animals, and the solutions and opportunities to mitigate climate change, improve our pets’ diet, and reimagine our wasteful agricultural system are just as exciting and close at hand. The Clean Pet Food Revolution is the essential text for anyone who wants to see a sustainable, just, and healthy future not just for us, but also for the animals who share our lives.”—Bruce Friedrich, executive director, The Good Food Institute

352 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lantern Books


Published:  December 2019


Ernie Ward, DVM, is an internationally recognized veterinarian and the author of three books, including Chow Hounds: Why Our Dogs Are Getting Fatter. He writes “The Vet Is In,” a monthly column for Dogster Magazine. See all books by Ernie Ward
Alice Oven is a freelance writer on animal welfare and ethics, and the senior acquisitions editor at Taylor & Francis for veterinary and life science books. See all books by Alice Oven
Ryan Bethencourt is the co-founder of Wild Earth, a dog food company, and founder and former program director of the biotech incubator IndieBio. See all books by Ryan Bethencourt

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