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Breeze Harper on Vegan Nation

Breeze Harper, author of Sistah Vegan, is interviewed on Vegan Nation about her current projects.

Animal Empathy in Psychology Today

Lori Gruen is interviewed in Psychology Today about Entangled Empathy.

Running for Life

Listen to Martin Rowe and Lisette Oropesa, contributors to Running, Eating, Thinking, on the Main Street Vegan podcast.

Ban Greyhound Racing Now

Lori Gruen, author of Entangled Empathy, has an Al Jazeera op-ed about greyhounds.

Human–Animal Studies

Lantern titles have been adopted for use by the University College Dublin: Social Creatures and Humans, Animals, and Society.

{bio}graphies in Anthrozöös

The Elephants in the Room and The Polar Bear in the Zoo, both by Martin Rowe, are reviewed in Vol. 28, Issue 1 of Anthrozöös.

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Lori Gruen at SculptureCenter
Mar 17, 2015

Lori Gruen, author of Entangled Empathy, will be discussing the artwork of Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook with Arnika Fuhrmann at SculptureCenter in Long Island City.

Sistah Vegan Conference 2015
Apr 24, 2015

How do veganism and the Black Lives Matter movement intersect? Breeze Harper, author of Sistah Vegan, has organized this online webinar/conference for people to discuss how to successfully work in both movements.

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