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If you're writing a book (or even planning a writing project) and all of your questions aren't answered here and here, consider using Lantern's editorial services to make your work the best it can be.

Environmental Standards

Lantern is honored to be a recipient of the highest standard in environmentally responsible publishing from the Green Press Initiative.


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Lantern Publishing & Media
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T: (703) 661-1594
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Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., EST

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Please note: Lantern Publishing & Media does not at this time publish books for children or fiction. We recommend that seek other publishers for works in these genres. It is strongly advised that before you submit a manuscript to Lantern you are certain of the following items:
  • The manuscript is as complete and finished as you can make it
  • The subject matter is of interest to Lantern (i.e. conforms to one or more of the categories we publish)
  • It is formatted in the way we would wish.
If your manuscript satisfies the above criteria, then you may direct it to Martin Rowe (see email address below) with a résumé, complete table of contents, relevant marketing information, and any other material that would be useful. If you do decide to mail to us at our Brooklyn office (address below) you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you want your materials returned, please provide enough postage to do so.

For more information on submitting nonfiction book proposals to an editor, we recommend you read "Submission Tips from an Editor" and Don't Submit Your Manuscript Until You've Read This Post. For more information on publishing, we recommend Jane Friedman's excellent website and Seth Godin's Advice for Authors. For information on self-publishing, we recommend and How to Self-Publish a Book.


Lantern Publishing & Media
128 2nd Place, Garden Suite
Brooklyn, NY 11231
T: (212) 414-2275 x 13
E: martin [at] lanternbooks [dot] com


Lantern Publishing & Media
128 2nd Place, Garden Suite
Brooklyn, NY 11231
T: 212-414-2275 x 12
E: emily [at] lanternbooks [dot] com

Foreign Rights

Lantern only accepts interest in translating foreign rights when a publisher has been secured for the translation of those rights. We do this to: protect copyright, ensure an accurate translation, and provide for proper distribution of the translated book. For all inquiries on rights, contact: Sabine Weeke, at T: +44 1 309 692138, or E: rights [at] findhornpress [dot] com.


You do not need our permission to quote from a Lantern book unless the total number of words you are quoting from that book is over 500 words. If the number of words is less than 499, then you merely need to cite the sources in your footnotes, endnotes, or bibliography. If the number of words is greater than 499, then you must apply for permission. For information on permissions visit this page. Permission requests should be sent to Martin Rowe (address above).

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