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Clear Cut

One Woman's Journey of Life in the Body

Ginny Jordan

My body starts heaving. Exhaustion encases everything I do, even washing the kids’ cereal bowls. It feels as though layers of thick gauze have wrapped themselves around the faces of my three children. A hardened grayness taking over the spaces between everything. Sealing the tissue between my ribs. Filling in the distance between the kitchen window and the soccer ball in the backyard.

One doctor thinks I am still caught in the fist of the mononucleosis I contracted in college; another tells me that giving birth to three children is enough to swell anyone’s glands and break open these rivers of mucous. Infection after infection keeps me from my kids’ tennis matches and class trips to Canyonlands in Utah. The fatigue gathers in my chest, leaving my arms heavy and my fingers numb. Daily headaches send me back to bed after breakfast.

The words “chronic illness” move into my house, wandering the rooms, trying to steal parts of my body. My thin, bare feet slide down the hall to wake up the children for school. I have no idea what is happening.

160 pp.  
5" x 8"

Lantern Books


Published:  April 2012


Ginny Jordan, cofounder of BeadforLife, has been involved in the health profession for the past thirty years. She has been a practicing psychotherapist, group facilitator, hospice care worker, and health advocate. She partnered with Torkin Wakefield to create World Sits Down to Dinner, a hunger-awareness program that was offered in several cities throughout the country. Ginny is also involved in poverty-eradication/income-generation projects in the Andes of Peru and in the Amazon of Ecuador. She is on the board of the Cricket Island Foundation, whose mission is dedicated to youth empowerment, multigenerational learning and leadership development. Ginny also has an MFA in poetry and enjoys writing. She lives in Boulder, Colorado and has three grown children. See all books by Ginny Jordan

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