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The Book of I

An Illustrious Collection of Self Reflections

Edited by Joan Konner

Are there many selves? Is there a true self? Are you the one you choose? Or are you the one that chooses you?

These and other age-old questions are answered by this collection of pithy sayings and witty rejoinders from the likes of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Peter Sellers, Jean Paul-Sartre, Gertrude Stein, Carl Jung, Marilyn Monroe, and many more of history's most introspective—and, perhaps, narcissistic—writers, poets, philosophers, musicians, comedians, actors, and politicians. Conceived and edited by Joan Konner, the national bestselling author of The Atheist's Bible, this compendium reaches back across centuries of self-consciousness, self-doubt, and self-love to explore every facet of the idea of the self.

The Book of I reminds us that we're not alone when we look in the mirror and wonder, "Who am I?"

176 pp.  
5" x 7"

Lantern Books


Published:  September 2012


Joan Konner is a longtime, award-winning television producer and writer. She is dean emerita and professor emerita of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. In addition to The Book of I, she conceived and edited The Atheist's Bible, a collection of irreverent quotes, and You Don't Have to be Buddhist to Know Nothing, which documents the persistence of the idea of Nothing in Western thought. She introduced and taught the course "Covering Ideas" in the journalism school, and she was executive producer of Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers, a six-hour television series that has become a PBS classic. See all books by Joan Konner

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