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Holistic Hardware

Building a Victorious Life in 30 Days

Joseph Holland

To build a house, one must have the proper toolkit containing the tools needed. And to build a victorious life, one must have Holistic Hardware.

Holistic Hardware outlines a 30-day program to transform one’s circumstances and character using ten motivational, yet practical, tools: the Vision Tool, the Responsibility Tool, the Self-esteem Tool, the Faith Tool, the Discipline Tool, the Association Tool, the Planning Tool, the Work Tool, the Wealth Tool and the Love Tool. The dynamics of these holistic tools are implemented systematically, one day at a time, creating the building blocks of personal progress. Woven throughout this month-long plan are time-tested principles, pragmatic strategies, enlightening examples, and Biblical and real-life role models who will edify and inspire.

Whether you are someone whose life requires a complete overhaul, a minor repair, or just a timely boost, the precepts, tactics, disciplines, and values of Holistic Hardware will not only equip you to move from brokenness to wholeness, but also uplift you beyond everyday trials to daily victory.

See also The Holistic Hardware DVD, a 4-disc set that includes music, in-depth information on each tool, and worksheets for each chapter.

176 pp.  
5" x 8"

Lantern Books


Published:  December 2012


Joseph Holland is a graduate from Harvard Law School and has a master’s degree in history from Cornell University where he followed in his father’s footsteps as an All-American football player. A lawyer, ordained minister, activist, actor, and entrepreneur, he is the author of the critically acclaimed play Cast Me Down and the true-to-life drama Homegrown. He is also the creator of Holistic Hardware: Tools that Build Lives—a book, DVD, and series of workshops that foster life-skills among the homeless. After many years in Harlem, Joseph now lives with his wife and three children in Yonkers, New York. See all books by Joseph Holland

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