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Live Your Dreams, Change the World

The Psychology of Personal Fulfillment for Women

Joanna Gavin , James Quick and David Gavin

The Psychology of Personal Fulfillment for Women is a practical-guide to understanding how both men and women think--and how women especially can use this knowledge to improve their lives, both in the workforce and at home. Chapters address the psychological strengths that women tend to have (such as communication skills and emotional competence), how to strike a work-life balance, accurately assessing risks and challenges, and much more. Assertiveness as a skill can be a bit tricky for women given the potential of some men, or even other women, to misinterpret specific assertive behaviors. Skilled use of assertiveness, without aggression, takes practice, feedback, and attentive calibration to the specific context. Accessible and reader-friendly, Live Your Dreams, Change the World is an invaluable resource, highly recommended especially for goal-oriented women.

--The Midwest Book Review

Too many women find their workplace life in conflict with other aspirations they may have. This jargon-free and practical book (with more than a dozen case studies and interviews with famous and successful women executives throughout the United States, such as Helen Thomas, Brooke Shields, Rebecca Chopp, and others) is an in-depth primer for women in the workplace to maximize their potential and fulfill their lives.

The psychological insights contained in this book will appeal to a wide audience.


  1. What Is Your Potential?
  2. A Firm Foundation
  3. Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Challenges
  4. Strengths and Gifts of Women
  5. Work-Life Balance
  6. Creating Your Place on the Team
  7. It's Never too Late to Make a New Decision

192 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lantern Books


Published:  January 2012


Joanna H. Gavin is Associate Professor of Management at the Marist School of Management. Her publications can be found in Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Executive, Organizational Dynamics, Real Estate Law Journal and Applied Psychology. Dr. Gavin also co-authored: The Financial Times Guide to Executive Health. See all books by Joanna Gavin
James Campbell Quick serves on the DOD's Defense Health Board, and as Vice President of the Clan Campbell Educational Foundation. His current research is on character and leadership with West Point (Center for the Army Profession and Ethic), executive well-being, and women's health with Joanne Gavin and funded by the American Mental Health Foundation. He teaches ethics, leadership, and preventive stress management(TM). Jim and his wife, the former Sheri Grimes Schember, are members of the Presidents' Club of Colgate University, the Chancellor's Council of The University of Texas System, the Carlisle Society and 1895 Society at UT Arlington. Jim is past president of the Great Southwest Rotary Club, where he and Sheri are Paul Harris Fellows, and an Elder at First Presbyterian Church in Arlington. Dr. Quick's first article was "Position Badminton" published in Badminton USA. See all books by James Quick
David I. Gavin is Assistant Professor of Management at the Marist School of Management. He is the co-author of Melitski, J., Gavin, D. J., & Gavin, J. H. "Positive organizational behavior: Creating competitive advantages through the healthy use of technology," International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behavior and Melitski, J., Gavin, D. J., & Gavin, J. H." Technology Adoption and Organizational Culture in Public Organizations," International Journal of Organizational Theory and Behavior. See all books by David Gavin

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