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A Plate of Resistance

Vegetarianism as a Response to World Violence

Hélène Defossez

When she was eight years old, Hélène Defossez experienced something that would change her forever: Out on a farm in the French countryside, she witnessed the beheading of a rabbit. What started out as a pang of childish pity eventually grew into a lifelong philosophy, a fundamental choice to refuse to consume animal flesh.

In this personal manifesto, Defossez talks about her decision to adopt a plant-based diet, what it means in today's society, and the positive consequences that such a choice entails. She highlights the ethical and political dimensions of vegetarianism, inviting us to question our relationship with animals and our way of life in general. Above all, she presents a passionate argument for anyone sitting on the fence to find the strength to go against the tide and leave meat behind for good.

A hit in France and available for the first time in English, A Plate of Resistance presents a unique view of the world that is nevertheless universal in its messages of compassion and nonviolent resistance as methods to effect positive change.

144 pp.  
5" x 8"

Lantern Books


Published:  December 2013


Hélène Defossez is a French author and translator who has worked for numerous NGOs, especially in the fields of the environment and animal welfare. A graduate in British literature from the Sorbonne, she has contributed to various academic works. In 2016, she published the first book that was ever written in French on vegetarian pregnancy. She is currently working on her first children's book. She lives in the Loire Valley with her husband and daughter. 
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