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Finding God Within

Contemplative Prayer for Prisoners

Ray Leonardini

For nearly a decade, Ray Leonardini has been visiting the incarcerated in Folsom State Prison and other correctional facilities, where he has been teaching and facilitating contemplative prayer—the contemporary manifestation of the ancient Christian meditative tradition. In Finding God Within, Leonardini demonstrates the extraordinary power of contemplative (or centering) prayer in transforming the lives of prisoners, and offers insightful analyses of biblical passages that show the power of prayer, faith, and surrender to ease addiction, stress, and despair. Filled with testimonies of prisoners who have been helped by centering prayer, Finding God Within is an essential introduction to contemplative prayer for people of all faiths engaged in prison ministry.

"I had the privilege of attending Ray Leonardini’s centering prayer gathering at Folsom State Prison. I was touched by the depth of the practice shared in the group, and the peace those men have found in their lives. The dear men that I met that evening are testimony to this deep and heartfelt practice. As a tool for spiritual transformation, it clearly works! I hope you will give this practice a try. I wish that kind of peace for each of you."

Sita Lozoff, Human Kindness Foundation

82 pp.  
5" x 8"

Lantern Books


Published:  October 2016


Ray Leonardini is a former lawyer who practiced government and nonprofit law for nearly 30 years. After his retirement, he turned toward his foremost area of interest: the Christian contemplative tradition. For the last nine years, as a volunteer chaplain, he has led meditation groups and taught contemplative prayer and the spiritual journey at Folsom State Prison in California. He is also the Director of the Prison Contemplative Fellowship, an association of current and former prison inmates, chaplains, and volunteers committed to reaching out to prisoners and their families on their travels along the spiritual path. See all books by Ray Leonardini

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