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A Mountain in the Wind

An Exploration of the Spirituality of John Denver

Christine Smith

A Mountain In The Wind is an exploration into the spirit of a man who continues to touch deeply the lives of millions worldwide. John believed in the oneness of all life and he reached out to all through his music. It has been said that in listening to John Denver sing, a vibration is felt which reaches deep into the soul and heart of those who are open to the message—the message of peace on Earth, of caring and sharing with each other as a family of man.

John Denver is a candle that lights the way. His message to us is simple; you do what you can do. It can be as simple as picking up the litter you see as you walk along the street, or to see the beauty of a sunset and share it with your child. It doesn't have to be something big, yet if each of us does something every day to reach out to those around us, we are making a difference.There have been numerous print and television media stories about him since his death, yet none have delved so deeply into the spirit of John Denver. He was more than a singer and songwriter, John was a communicator. . . speaking for so many of us through not only his songs, but also in the way he lived his life. To understand the man, we must look at his life closely: Whom did he consider his mentors and teachers? What were his spiritual beliefs? What gave John the strength to continue in the face of his own personal adversities? What books did John read? A Mountain in The Wind calls to each of us, it is more than a biography of John Denver; it can also be a blueprint for transformation.

144 pp.  
6" x 9"
Illustrations: 8 color photos

Lantern Books


Published:  June 2004


Christine Smith is a professional writer, environmental and social justice activist, and Founder/President of the nationwide 501c3 nonprofit Dreams of Freedom, Inc. (an organization which brings the music and videos of John Denver, hygiene items, toys, clothing, and other humanitarian help to prison inmates and their families, as well as to Native American reservations, nursing homes and other places where people need hope and encouragement); it also publishes and distributes an interactive newsletter exploring topics of peace.

Christine works full-time writing feature articles for national and international magazines. These cover a wide range of topics: art, business, psychology, health, environment, social justice, human spirituality, and feature profile interviews with high achievers in many fields.

In addition to her writing, she dedicates her life to continuing John Denver’s legacy: she has written memorials and international tributes; co-hosted 3 hour-long radio tributes; appeared as a guest on interview shows regarding him. She hosts the annual John Denver Celebration held in Colorado; sings his songs publicly (including at the yearly celebration); and was Co-Director of the One World John Denver Memorial Peace Cloth presented at the United Nations on Millennium Peace Day in September 2000. As President of Dreams of Freedom, she spends hours supplying thousands of people in need with John’s music, videos, and other items needed to improve the quality of their lives.

Her other social activism work finds her working diligently to abolish the death penalty in the United States; she is also involved in efforts to protect the wilderness and way of life found in rural Colorado. Christine lives in a cabin high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where she enjoys hiking and backpacking, astronomy, reading, chess, singing, cooking, gardening, and playing guitar.
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