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The Joy of Weight Loss

A Spiritual Guide to Easy Fitness

Norris Chumley

On September 6, 1989 Norris Chumley was at a crossroads. At 330 pounds and rising, it was simply a matter of time before he would again tip the scales at the 400 pounds he had reached many times before. He had been on virtually every diet, and they'd all failed. He felt hopeless, and, in rare glimpses of honesty, secretly admitted he was slowly committing suicide.

The Joy of Weight Loss is the dramatic story of how Norris Chumley turned his life around. It details how Chumley came to accept his conflict about food and body image and finally looked long and hard at his weight fluctuations and diet history. Chumley shares his experiences and secrets of success—of how he discovered joy and lasting happiness, with permanent freedom from obesity.

Unlike other weight-loss or diet books, The Joy of Weight Loss is a weight-management book that offers a fresh new solution to everyone's quest for health and happiness. There are no magic pills, no starvation or binge diets. There are no crash courses or deprivations. Chumley instead counsels a sensible diet, taking pleasure in pleasurable movement rather than a punishing exercise regime, and, most importantly of all, learning to surrender yourself to a higher power and discover a true form of self-love that is at once accepting and transforming.

208 pp.  

Lantern Books


Published:  January 2001


Norris Chumley is an EMMY award-winning writer and producer, and has helped millions with his videos and television specials. As writer and producer, he created the hugely successful PBS series "Getting the Love You Want" with Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., which was hosted by Oprah Winfrey. His work has been seen on ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO/Cinemax, A&E, Showtime/The Movie Channel, and on many stations coast-to-coast. Norris Chumley lives in New York City and Jeffersonville, New York, with his wife, the artist and illustrator Catherine Stine, and their two sons. See all books by Norris Chumley

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