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The 1932 Revolutionist

The Stage Play about Siamese Statesman Pridi Banomyong

Kamron Gunatilaka

The 1932 Revoluntionist is back on stage again after eight years. Certain questions raised by the play remain unanswered. A warning from the play:

The Younger: October. It's October again.
The Elder: That's history.
The Younger: No, history is repeating itself.

This prophecy was eventually fulfilled in May 1992, against the backdrop of exploding gunfire and corpses that strewed Rajadamnern Road. At present, with an election coming up, several people have decided not o go out and vote. Some plan to go and drop a blank card as a gesture of protest. Others are bored to death with realpolitik. In the mean time, the academia is busy preparing for political reforms.

Eight years ago, the protagonist of the play, Pridi Banomyong, said:

"Please uphold and safeguard the comprehensive democratic aspirations of the October 14 martyrs."

The 1932 Revolutionist is a historical play overlaps into the present. There seems to be a yawning gap between 1932 and 1995. Yet, is we consider the development of democracy sixty years are a rather brief period. We must stop bickering among ourselves on what the definition is and instead ask where can we find it. This is fundamental if we want to reach our destination.

96 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

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