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Grief's Journey

A Companion for Friends Who Mourn

Hal L. Edwards

Grief and love are at the center of the human and divine drama. How we find our way through the mazes of these losses and gains determines our character, meaning, purpose, and our legacy. When clergyman, psychotherapist, and spiritual director Hal Edwards lost Betsy, his wife of fifty years, he was perhaps as well placed to chart his passage through that maze as anyone. Yet grief spun its own thread, leading his soul on a voyage into the center of sorrow, before accompanying him toward clarity, illumination, and wisdom.

Grief’s Journey is at once a tender memoir of a marriage, a poignant reflection on friendship and age, and a practical and compassionate guidebook for those who grieve (whether alone or in group workshops).

172 pp.  
5" x 8"

Lantern Books


Published:  June 2019


Hal L. Edwards has worked for more than half a century as a clergyman, marketplace coach, pastoral psychotherapist, and spiritual director. An ordained United Methodist pastor, he served local parishes in North Carolina, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Southern California before becoming President of Christian Laity of Chicago, where he served for almost three decades. During his decade as President of CityQuest, he facilitated conferences, workshops, and home gatherings for people who represent many of the world’s major religions. Hal lives with his wife, Jill, in Wauconda, Illinois. He is a father of four children and grandfather of ten. See all books by Hal L. Edwards

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