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The Story of a Remarkable Medicine

Jack Dreyfus

Most people live one life; Jack Dreyfus has had two. The first was filled with remarkable accomplishments as he founded the highly successful Dreyfus Fund. The author’s second life began in 1963 when, in the midst of a severe depression, he did an unheard-of thing: he asked his physician for a medicine not traditionally used to treat his symptoms and returned to good health almost overnight. When he saw six others have similar results, he realized he had an obligation to investigate further.

Jack Dreyfus retired from two highly successful businesses and established the Dreyfus Medical Foundation. Through the Foundation, the author has worked tirelessly, with no financial interest, to show how this medicine—phenytoin—has been reported useful in thousands of medical journals for more than 80 symptoms and disorders, ranging from thought, mood and behavior disorders to cardiovascular, neuromuscular and pain ailments. The Foundation now has programs in dozens of countries around the world, providing assistance to millions of people suffering from psychological and physical difficulties. However, in spite of the overwhelming evidence, this medicine, patented in the United States, is still overlooked in this country because of a tragic flaw in our system of bringing medicines to the public.

At once inspiring and provocative, richly informative and full of warmth and wit, The Story of a Remarkable Medicine is an extraordinary account of how one remarkable man has dedicated nearly half his life to bringing a prescription for hope to millions.

508 pp.  
7 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Illustrations: 40

Lantern Books


Published:  June 2002


Jack Dreyfus is probably best known for his accomplishments in the financial arena. When he was thirty-three, he became senior partner of a New York Stock Exchange firm. He founded and managed a mutual fund that became so successful that Life magazine called him "the most singular and effective personality to appear in Wall Street since the days of Joseph Kennedy and Bernard Baruch." Jack Dreyfus died in 2009. He is the author of several books, including A Remarkable Medicine Has Been Overlooked, The Story of a Remarkable Medicine, and Written in Frustration. See all books by Jack Dreyfus

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